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Let us guess... You're probably spending a lot more time sitting around the house than you're used to! And what you really need now is a comfy and reliable pant for everyday. Introducing the sit-friendly & walk-friendly Straight 7/8 Pants! These low maintenance slacks are super easy to care for, get the comfort level of trackies with the look of a dress pant!

black straight 7/8 pant
black straight 7/8 pant

These classic pants are such a no-brainer that can be thrown on for all occasions. Wear them casually for effortless everyday looks, dress them up for a dinner date night in the living room, or add a smart top for a conference call friendly style. Watch us play dress-up with these amazing pants! All featured video styles are linked in the video description on Youtube.

The benefits don't end there! The lightweight & stretchy fabric means you can move around in it at ease, don't worry about any circulation issues that comes with sitting down for too long. The slight relaxed fit has extra give, perfect for picking young kids up.

white straight 7/8 pant

The elastic waistband doesn't dig into the waist (did you also eat one too many chocolate eggs during Easter...). Plus, the 7/8 length means you can show off the kicks. In classy black, white and navy colours, mix and match your daily wardrobe with these amazing pants!

black straight 7/8 pant

Thank you for reading and let us know what you would like to see next! x

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