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Could you do with a break from 2020? Wait, who are we kidding, everyone could. We presume we're not the only ones who want NYE to hurry up so we can just pop this year in the 'been there, done that' pile and get on with our normal lives...

So maybe you had an overseas holiday booked but then that went out the door. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones in a state that can travel and you're itching to get out and explore your own backyard? Well, time to write that list, pin that paper to your fridge (do people still do that?!) and hit that BOOK NOW button... we've done some internet searching and found a few darn good beaches to visit and a few stunning Summer dresses to go with them.

The Basin, Western Australia
It only takes a quick Google image search to discover why The Basin in WA is a popular spot. Located on Rottnest Island, this unique swimming spot is a haven for families thanks to it's beautifully clear, blue shallow water and amazing coral reef like pools that are so good, they've been photographed by the world-famous Aqua Bumps. 

What to wear: 
Those gorgeous blue waters need gorgeous blue dress to match. Enter the Nicola Blue Floral Shift Dress. A slightly longer sleeve to keep those sun rays at bay, a stunning floral print in the colours of the Western Australia horizo, this linen/cotton blend dress is perfect for throwing over your togs after a day of swimming & heading up to the park for dinner with the family. 

Cabarita Beach, New South Wales
There's a number of reasons this location topped the 2020 Best Beaches in Australia list. Not only is it a pretty amazing part of the eastern coastline and is within driving distance to places like Byron Bay & Kingscliff, it's also got one of Northern NSW's most famous hotels, Halycon House. 

What to wear: 
Get that Euro feeling with the . Do we think this is what they wear in Greece or Italy? Maybe not. Does it make you feel like you're in Green or Italy when you might be sitting on your back deck dreaming of the next beach holiday you're going to take? YEP. Does it ever need ironing? Nope. Can you wear it to sit in your pool lounger because you can't go anywhere? All kinds of YES. 

Currumbin Beach, Queensland 
Whether you're going solo, out for a dip with a friend or partner or taking the whole family along for relaxing day trip, Currumbin Beach has got something for everyone. Perfect for kids of any age, the lagoon style waters make it a great place to swim (and it's frequently patrolled by local lifesavers during peak season) plus amenities around the area are in abundance - the local surf club is easy to get to and is a great place to sit down with everyone for a late afternoon beverage. Pink lemonade for the kids and maybe a tipple for Mum, Dad & the grandparents! 
What to wear: 
The Apia Abstract Floral Cotton Maxi Dress is not only handy for post-swim refreshments but is a great all-round, any time of the day dress. Maxi length and 3/4 sleeves will help combat that hot, Queensland sun while the gorgeous tones of coral, blue and navy are sure to garner compliments whether you're at the beach or out for dinner. Add a trusty  and to your outfit and your beach - and bar! - ready. 
Have you got a favourite beach or coastal town you like to visit - or maybe you're working on that 'future travel' list? Let us know in the comments! We've love to hear where you have been or want to go - and what would you wear? Or check out all our perfect Summer beach styles  and get some inspiration in preparation for your next holiday! 

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