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Ever been jealous of your husband’s shorts? We have.

Picture this: it’s Sunday morning, you’re about to head off on a long picturesque walk with your girlfriends, smartphone in tow so that you can take some happy snaps later. Oh, and let’s not forget your keys with your fancy-schmancy keychain, hand sanitiser and bank card for that post-walk cappuccino. Phew, you’ve got your hands full!

Enter your new best friend - the Vivra Magnetic Pouch.  

Sold out

Sold out

Not as over the top as bringing a handbag along on a Sunday walk but just as effective.

No, we haven’t lost our minds, this is a total game-changer. Let us explain.

This handy neoprene pouch is big enough to hold all your essentials and, thanks to its extra-strong magnets, allows you to go hands-free AND belt-free. Just slip one side of the pouch inside the waistband of your pants and close it, snapping the magnets together to lock it into place; it’s a bi-fold design so it folds over your waistband and the actual zippered pocket in which you store your things is located on the outside of the pouch.

Its patented beltless technology means that the Vivra Pouch works with any type of bottoms - from leggings to pants, shorts and running skirts - as long as the waistband is snug enough to have something affixed to it. And you can choose to wear it at the front, side or back of your garment, whatever feels most comfortable.

The most impressive part? The magnets are strong enough for the bag to stay in place while you run, hike, cartwheel, jump rope, tackle that Zumba class or, you know, stroll through the grocery store with your arms full.


Other situations in which the Vivra Pouch could come in handy?

- To store your dog’s waste bags while at the park

- While riding a bike, motorcycle, scooter - anything with two wheels really

- While pushing a stroller (you could even hang it on the handle)

- To keep your EpiPen, insulin pump or essential medication easily accessible when out of the house

- As a travel wallet or money belt while sightseeing in a foreign country (once that’s allowed)

- When going out for a quick bite if you want to avoid putting your bag down on a dirty surface

-Used as a pouch in which you keep your essentials if you’re frequently switching between bags

Yep, the possibilities are endless. And the founders of this Brisbane-based business have really thought of everything when designing the Vivra. Here are some of the other key features and benefits:

- The neoprene makes it water and sweat resistant (if you’ve ever put your phone in your sports bra while going for a run, you’ll know how important that is)

- It has in-built RFID protection, which keeps your credit card information secure

- The reflective strips are great if you like to exercise early in the morning before the sun comes up or at night when it’s pitch-black

Our favourite thing about this pouch, other than its convenience?

The fact that it doesn’t give us flashbacks to the 80s, a time that was synonymous with bum bags and neon clothing for most of us; let’s just say we’re glad we can put the skin-tight leotards and leg warmers behind us.

Whether you choose to go for the classic black, which pretty much goes with everything, or the zebra print, which makes a statement and pairs amazingly well with bright colours, it’s so sleek we bet you’ll find yourself using it as a clutch and wearing it out to dinner in no time. Throwing it down on the dancefloor, drink(s) in hand, without having to worry about a handbag? Yes, please.  

So whether you have a pair of workout tights that don't have any pockets or whether you simply need more storage while out and about, give this trendy yet functional pouch a try and let us know what you think. This would also make the perfect gift for your mum friend who’s always on the go - no more having to dig through a bulky diaper bag for her car keys with a screaming infant on her hip - simply brilliant!


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