1. Home Beach Blue Stripe Splash Proof Tote Bag

Blue Stripe Splash Proof Tote Bag

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Make a fun Summer statement with the cute, stylish and practical Blue Stripe Splash Proof Tote Bag! The technical material of this multi-function bag is perfect for keeping your dry things dry or for stowing your wet things in after a day in the water. Easy to take with you wherever you go, the soft farbic can be rolled up to teh size of your wallet and only weighs as much as your phone! 

  • Two woven shoulder straps
  • Sports zipper with rubber pull
  • Interior small zip compartment
  • Splash proof exterior and splash proof lining
  • Zipper and seams are not waterproof (splash not snorkel!)
  • Soft and flexible design can be folded or rolled up for easy storage
  • Colourful, summery stripe
  • Gusseted base, gusset: 15cm
  • Hand wash and hang dry recommended
  • 100% Coate Tyvek
  • Length: 51cm, height: 37cm