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No summer is complete without a stylish (and sun-safe) hat. Gone are the days of bow-tie bonnets. Beach hats for women have taken on a whole new life of their own. As much as we love the sun at Blue Bungalow NZ, we're also very conscious of the harmful effects of UV rays and how this can easily damage your skin. So we're equally as much about sun protection! This is why an oversized floppy hat is a sure winner, but here in our hat collection, you'll also find more subtle sun hats, denim caps, travel fedoras, woven visors and more. If you also live and breathe fun summer-loving fashion, then you'll come to see why we know a thing or two about what makes a great beach hat.

Check out the brand new range of Deborah Hutton hats for a collection of stylish UPF50+ full sun resistant hats designed by Australian media personality, Deborah Hutton!