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At Blue Bungalow we love linen and it's no wonder we're one of the most popular online destinations for women's linen clothes in NZ. If you've never worn linen clothing before, we find it hard to believe that you won't become a lover of it too!

We offer a wide range of women's linen clothing that will make you feel like you're adventuring on an African Safari in linen travel shorts or strolling along a remote tropical beach in a state of complete bliss wearing a flowy white linen dress. Whether you are searching for a classic and elegant summer outfit or want to revamp your look with a fresh and modern edge, we have just the linen outfit you need. From luxurious 100% Italian linen dresses, lightweight and flowy linen tops, to affordable and easy to care for linen pants. Shop the Blue Bungalow linen range now and receive free shipping when you spend over $100!