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How To Find The Perfect Fit Online

Welcome to the standard size guide free zone! We’re so happy you’re here. We have a team of product experts who spend their day hand measuring, fit testing and accurately describing every single style we sell online to make your life easier.


Use this guide to understand why you’ll be able to find your perfect fit the first time, every time.

Step 1: Know Your Measurements


Using a tape measure, measure and record the below three key areas.


1.Bust: measure your bust by wrapping the tape around your body under your arms. Keep the tape slightly relaxed and measure at the widest point of the bust.

2.Waist: measure at the smallest part of your mid section, usually right near your belly button. Keep the tape slightly relaxed.

3.Hips: we measure the lower hip, which is the widest part of your bottom. Wrap the tape around, slightly relaxed.

TIP: keep these measurements in the notes section of your phone.





Step 2: Locate Our Tailored Size Guide


Every style on our website features a completely tailored size guide for that style.

To find it, go to the product page, and locate the FIT section, located below the product images.

We measure every style while it is laid flat, however our measurements reflect the full circumference (ie seam to seam measurement x 2) to make it easy to compare to the bust, waist and hip measurements you took in Step 1.









Step 3: Compare To Find The Perfect Fit


Now that you know your measurements, and the measurements of every size of the style you are looking at, you can easily compare to find the right size for you.


Our top tips are:

1.Look at what kind of fabric the style is made out of. We will always let you know in the dot point description if it is a stretch style and if we’ve measured it relaxed or stretched.

2.For non stretch styles, make sure the garment measurements are 1-3 cm larger than your own to ensure you have room to move! Comfort is everything.

3.Compare the height of the model to your own to see how long the style will be on you.


That's it. Now all you have to do is find some fabulous outfits that are going to fit you like a glove!







If you are in a hurry, check the first dot point in the description. Here, we give you an idea of the overall fit of the product. You will know if the style is a large make, oversized, a one size fits most, a small make or an elusive true to size.

Read the standard size column of the FIT guide for styles alphabetically sized to help you navigate the numerical best fit.

Helping you navigate the confusion of finding the right size online is something we are always here for.


If In Doubt, Get In Touch


If you have any questions about fit, styling advice, fabric, the weather – literally anything, contact us on phone, Live Chat, Facebook, Instagram or email. Our customer team are here for everything and anything you need. Our main goal is to get you into outfits you FEEL amazing in.

Phone: 1300 880 635

Email: help@bluebungalow.co.nz

Live Chat: on site, look for the blue Live Chat tab