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It's time to support local and rediscover the beauty in our own backyard. Let's take this opportunity to revisit our favourite places that are just a drive away. Tell the kids, bring the parents, it's time for a good old weekend road trip! Wait a minute... it feels like it's been a million years since we last travelled. So what do we actually need to pack? Here's a little refresher of what you need! 

Time poor or started packing too late...? Watch this quick video to find out what you need!


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WEEKEND BAG: First up, you need a large bag that will fit all your essentials! From recycled totes to floral beach bags, check out all the spacious options here.

TOILETRIES: Pack your travel size grooming essentials & everyday skincare routine. Check out this small and handy manicure set if you're traveling for longer than a weekend. Pack them all into a splash-proof pouch to keep the liquids in even if there's a spill.

TOWEL: Depending on your accommodation type you want take your own towel. Heading to a coastal area? Check out our amazing sand-free towels.

UNDERGARMENTS: Choose your comfiest underwear! It's all about relaxing during a weekend away. Don't forget about your base layers like slip tops or turtleneck skivvys for extra warmth and coverage. Shop all our base layer pieces here. Tip: pack your undergarments after picking your outfits to ensure you pack the right colours!

TECHNOLOGY: Capture beautiful moments to look back on with your camera or phone! But don't forget your charger and cables. A power bank that doubles up as a mirror to give you a little extra battery life and an opportunity to make sure you look perfect for the pics (double win!).

STAY SUN SAFE: Stay sun safe with our fabulous range of sunglasses and magical crushable travel hats! Fold it up for the suitcase and bounce it right back into shape when you reach your destination.

Here are some little useful things perfect for your getaway:

travel set
power bank


Now onto our favourite part... What should we wear that is super comfy and looks stylish? Since nobody's packing an iron, let's go for fabrics that won't need it! These fabrics will change the way you feel about packing.


This fabric is perfect for last-minute packing, you can fold, scrunch, throw... it doesn't matter as they are supposed to be crinkled anyway! The crinkles also flatter the body by smoothing out all the lumps and bumps. 

Highlight: These 100% cotton pieces are affordable and super comfy. They are also very breathable, making it perfect for wearing all day long. 

Care tip: After washing your crinkle cotton pieces, lay it flat to dry. Twist it into one long strip, fold the twisted strip in half and twist it onto each other. Secure with a rubber band and store away. This will keep the crinkle in every time you wear it and makes it small and space-efficient for packing.



This crease-resistant fabric is absolutely perfect for packing in your weekend bag. Bamboo also has an amazing thermoregulating quality meaning it will keep you warm and dry in winter, and cool in summer. Read more about why bamboo is such an amazing fabric in another blog post HERE

Highlight: Ultra-soft, perfectly stretchy, and looks polished, bamboo is the perfect fabric to dress up or down according to your needs. 

Care tip: Lay flat to dry after washing for a crinkle-free result. Roll it up and place it in your weekend bag for the best storage. 



Finer than silk and soft like a baby's bum, wearing Micro Modal is possibly the best feeling ever! This ultra-comfy fabric is perfect for long journeys. You could sit for hours in the car and still be comfy & feeling fresh in Micro Modal. These styles are absolutely worth every cent plus they wash super well so you'll be wearing them season after season. 

Highlight: Made of natural beechwood fibres, Micro Modal is naturally breathable and will keep you dry and comfy. The fabric has a slight sheen to it, making it look stylish and casual at the same time. 

Care tip: Lay it flat to dry after washing for a crease-free result. 



Last but not least, don't forget your crushable Travel Hat! Pop it in your bag and it will bounce straight back into shape every time you need it. Plus, the adjustable strap inside the hat will keep it on your head all day. Beware - hubbies, mums, daughters, and friends have been known to steal these hats! 

Show us where you're going on your weekend trips ladies! Travel safe, have fun and don't forget the hand sanitiser. xx

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